Fun Foods Machine Rental

Did you know that we rent out all different types of Fun Food Concession Equipment?

If you need a Cotton Candy or a Sno Cone Machine for a backyard birthday party, or a Popcorn Machine to handle the crowds at a trade show, we’ve got them.  We also have all of the supplies you could possibly need to make renting our equipment easy and affordable.

We rent equipment to many different people for many different reasons.  Schools and churches often rent our equipment for fundraisers.  Parents and Neighbors rent our equipment to make their children’s birthday an event to remember.   Businesses rent our equipment for trade shows and employee/customer appreciation days.  There are so many different reasons that our rentals are perfect for many different occasions.

Please call us to check availability (423) 624-1972.  We would also be glad to assist you in anyway possible.

We rent a variety of machines:

            Popcorn                 Nacho               Cotton Candy               Hot Dog Steamer                          Hot Dog Roller               Fun Spinner               Margarita Machine

We are now offering Rental Packages with our most popular machines.  If you have any questions or to check availability, please call us at (423) 624-1972


Popcorn, the snack of 2013

Why do American’s love popcorn?

Well popcorn is one of America’s oldest and most healthy snacks.  There are so many ways that we can enjoy popcorn.  There is buttered popcorn, caramel corn, flavored corn and now a variety of popcorn seasoning products that can be sprinkled straight on your popcorn.

We offer 8 different varieties of savory shake popcorn seasonings.   We offer Barbeque, Salt & Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Hot Jalapeno, White Cheddar Cheese, and Ranch.    My personal favorite is Sour Cream and Chive which gives the popcorn the perfect taste!  Come and check them out!

Savory Shakes Image

Did you know?

* Popcorn is a whole grain that contains at least 40 different nutrients

* Popcorn has more protein then any other cereal grain

* Popcorn has more Iron then peanuts, eggs, or spinach

* Unbuttered popcorn contains only 31-55 calories per serving

* American’s consume 16 billion quarts of popcorn every year.  That is 52 quarts of popcorn per every man, woman, and child

We also rent and sell popcorn poppers!  2656popcorn

Don’t have a popcorn popper , we can pop bulk popcorn for your next special event!  Please call at least 48 hours in advance for bulk popcorn orders

bulk popcorn

So, however you like your popcorn we have something for you at Holder Concession.

Fun Food Blog Coming Soon

Hello from the Concession World.  

We are finally able to have a little bit of time to work on our website and the fun foods blog will be updated weekly if all goes well!

If you have any questions or topics you would like discussed about the Concession or Fun Foods Business, please let us know!

You can always email me at if you have any questions or would like some help.

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